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What should I do about bad breath? Eat more of these four foods to get rid of bad breath

Four Causes of Malodor in Girls

1. Diet

It must be surprising to see that. That's the reason. This is because when we are on a diet to lose weight or unable to eat because of illness, the function of salivary gland is reduced, and the endocrine disorder of women during menstruation results in the reduction of salivary secretion, which is conducive to the growth of anaerobic bacteria, thus halitosis occurs.

2. Infection

This situation usually occurs in adolescent women, ovarian dysfunction, low levels of sex hormones, oral tissue resistance to decline, susceptible to infection bacteria, resulting in halitosis. This is also something we should pay attention to.

3. Diseases

The diseases referred to here are usually peptic ulcer, chronic gastritis, functional dyspepsia and so on. With the occurrence of these diseases, halitosis may occur. Helicobacter pylori infection of gastric diseases is also prone to halitosis, the incidence of halitosis is significantly higher than that of uninfected people. After cure, the symptoms will be significantly alleviated, so we can not ignore the halitosis caused by Helicobacter pylori infection, after the occurrence of timely treatment.

4. Bad habits

Many people who like smoking, drinking, drinking coffee and often eat spicy and stimulating foods such as onion, garlic, leek and so on are prone to bad breath, and some people who like stinky tofu, stinky eggs and other stinky foods have a significant increase in the proportion of bad breath.

Four kinds of food can prevent bad breath

1. Green tea

In the meantime, catechins kill the bacteria that cause halitosis. Besides drinking tea, it can also be prevented by chewing tea.

2. Vanilla plants

For example, chamomile and mint are rich in sterilizing ingredients, which can kill oral bacteria and prevent bad breath. Making vanilla tea can not only maintain the mouth, but also deodorize its aroma and taste.

3. Vegetables

The chlorophyll has the effect of sterilization and deodorization. The chlorophyll content of yellow-green vegetables is particularly abundant. They can squeeze fresh vegetable juice or eat salad to absorb intact chlorophyll.

4. Fruit with sour taste

Citric acid in sour foods has the effect of sterilizing and promoting salivary excretion. If there are halitosis traces, chewing a dried plum or eating a citrus fruit, apple, etc. can be an emergency to prevent halitosis.


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