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Leading Direction of General Dental Medicine

Necessity of developing general dental care

At present, with the vigorous development of community medical services, the national demand for general practitioners of Stomatology is increasing, and the requirements are higher and higher to meet the treatment of common diseases of the common people.

In general hospitals, the Department of Stomatology is usually a department, and the larger one will have a professional subdivision, but this is not conducive to the development of the Department of stomatology in general hospitals. We should first train the dentist according to the general dental mode, that is, any dentist in the Department of Stomatology should be involved in the basic medical skills of Stomatology (dental filling, root canal therapy, periodontal treatment, diagnosis and treatment of common mucosal diseases, prosthodontic treatment, simple implant treatment and basic orthodontic operation, etc.). And master, on this basis, there is a certain professional focus. Now the problem is that our country does not focus on general dental education and training in college stomatology education, but mostly on branch education, which is also the necessity of standardized resident training.

Developing general stomatology is the development direction of stomatology in foreign countries, and also the development direction of Stomatology department, private institutions and clinics in general hospitals in China.

Implementing the concept of general Stomatology

The Committee of General Stomatology of the Chinese Society of Stomatology first put forward the concept of general stomatology, the concept of general stomatologist and general stomatology, especially the scope of general stomatology and the requirements of practitioners. This promotes the application of general stomatology concepts in general hospitals, private dental clinics and even in the whole country. In addition, the Committee of General Dental Medicine recommended to the National Health and Family Planning Commission that resident standardization training and future specialist training should be included in the standardized training of general stomatology, which is also the requirement and trend of the future development of stomatology.

General stomatology is something every stomatologist should master in the future. General dental skills are the basic clinical skills of dentists first, and then specialize in them. Generally speaking, graduates of Stomatology major should have the ability to engage in general stomatology after they have obtained the certificate of dental practitioner. However, stomatology education in Chinese universities is often too detailed. Many stomatology students require a certain professional treatment as soon as they graduate, such as restoration, implantation, orthodontics and so on, while others. The common diseases of cavity are seldom involved. This should not be, because the division of Stomatology is too thin, a direct problem is to patients with a certain degree of inconvenience, a tooth problem, patients often have to toss and turn between several departments.

For common oral diseases, a dentist should be able to basically solve the problem. Only for particularly complex cases can a dentist be invited to assist in the treatment or cooperation.


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