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Crown E. max series


Baiton Crown Porcelain Veneer is originated from the latest and most popular minimally invasive aesthetic technology of teeth in Europe and America. It has few teeth, no need to use teeth, no trauma, and easy to own genus.

In your exclusive brilliant smile.

Less teeth

Baiton Crown Porcelain Veneer Guide makes it easier for doctors to prepare teeth. It truly achieves non-invasive preparation of teeth. Full digital design and processing. The veneer is thin to 0.2mm, but its hardness is low.

Up to 400 Mpa, not easy to crack, durable, rich in color, fluorescence, whitening and other series of colors, perfect to improve the color of teeth.


Baiton Crown Porcelain Veneer Scheme is the most advanced dental veneer technology in the world. The most suitable veneer is designed by using Baiton Crown Porcelain Veneer Smile Software.

Veneer, so that doctors can fully grasp the internal and external conditions of the teeth after treatment, and reasonably solve the desired effect of patients.

Faster bonding

The precision and high strength of Baiton crown porcelain veneer make the perfect combination of tooth veneer and tooth veneer, and greatly enhance the durability of tooth veneer.


Tetracycline teeth, fluoro-Spanish teeth, aging yellowing, axonal hypoplasia, excessive space between teeth, tooth defect, retention of deciduous teeth, too small teeth, melon seed teeth.


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