Wieland Zirconia
Wieland Zirconia
Wieland Zirconia

Wieland Zirconia

Wieland zirconia is a patent ZENOSTAR all-ceramic material imported from Germany. It has the advantages of high transparency, excellent flexural strength and aesthetic effect comparable to natural teeth. Wieland all-ceramic teeth are designed by high-precision CAD/CAM software, then machined by high-precision lathe, dyed and sintered to overcome the technical difficulties of one-time forming of all-ceramic crown and bridge prosthesis. It is a more economical and biologically compatible prosthesis.

Product Advantage

1. High purity imported materials, good permeability.

2. It has good biocompatibility and has no effect on nuclear magnetic resonance examination.

3. The amount of teeth prepared is small and the wear of the original teeth is small.

4. Use professional inner crown painting technology to meet the needs of different inner crown color.

Scope of application:

Single crown, bridge and implant.

A maximum of 14 unit bridges can be constructed (no more than 3 anterior teeth are missing. No more than 2 posterior teeth are missing)

Zenostar perennial porcelain is trustworthy

Zenstr Ceramic Block has been patented and certified by 15013485-series Quality System Certification, German Medical Instrument Certification and European Medical Instrument Directive 9342/EEC Certification.