Warranty Period and Warranty Conditions

The warranty period of our company's fixed products is 2 years from the date of first shipment and 1 year for removable works.

The product quality problems occur during the warranty period when it is used correctly. Our company will repair or remake free of charge according to the situation.

Please return the old denture together with the quality assurance card, otherwise it will not be processed.

Remake caused by non-product quality reasons is not covered by warranty, mainly including the following circumstances:

* Re-preparation of abutments or changes in original conditions

* The product can't be used normally because of atrophy of tooth flesh, absorption of alveolar bone, or changes of periodontal soft and hard tissues.

* Redesign, product type, material, tooth color, etc.

* Some consumable products with short service life, such as mouth guard, bleaching tray, sport guard, removable orthodontics, temporary teeth and cushioning accessories of precision accessories, are not insured products. As it belongs to customized products, no refund is allowed.