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How to Develop Orthodontic Treatment for Stomatologists

Orthodontic treatment can also be carried out by general practitioners.

General practitioners have some limitations in orthodontic treatment. If general practitioners want to engage in orthodontic work, the way is through re-education after graduation. It should be noted that not only postgraduates majoring in orthodontics can engage in orthodontic work, but also general practitioners can engage in orthodontic treatment after re-education by participating in various training courses or further study, which are the regular channels for post-graduate re-education.

As a general practitioner, there are many kinds of patients who need orthodontic treatment in clinical practice, and some of them can be completed by general practitioners, such as early preventive correction and initial correction of dentofacial deformities. These treatments are fully capable of doing by general practitioners, and should be done by general practitioners. Do it.

Orthodontic specialists are mainly responsible for some difficult dento-maxillofacial deformities, such as professional and technical difficulties; and some common dento-maxillofacial deformities, such as early deciduous reverse teeth, the obstacles in the mixed dentition period, bad oral habits, etc., can be accomplished by general practitioners through simple and effective treatment methods.

How to develop orthodontic treatment by general practitioners

First of all, we must grasp the necessary basic knowledge of orthodontics, which is related to clinic, including knowledge of growth and development, etiology of dentofacial deformity, knowledge of diagnosis of malocclusion and basic knowledge of orthodontic mechanics, etc. At the same time, orthodontists should grasp the diagnosis and analysis, anchorage design, orthodontics and so on. Knowledge about the selection of orthodontic devices and orthodontic methods.

After mastering the above basic knowledge, general practitioners can choose their own cases to carry out orthodontic treatment. Early orthodontic treatment, such as preventive and blocking orthodontic treatment, is the scope of general practitioners'orthodontic treatment. Early orthodontic treatment means that in the early stage of the occurrence of dentofacial deformity, when the condition is not serious, the doctor intervenes in it and the general practitioner intervenes in it. The early treatment that can be carried out by a physician includes bad habits, the obstacles of mixed dentition, the reciprocity of anterior teeth, but the more difficult ones, such as severe or skeletal deformity, are not the scope of the treatment of general practitioners. At this time, the specialist orthodontists should make diagnosis and treatment.

Points needing attention in orthodontic treatment by general practitioners

In a word, general practitioners should master relevant knowledge, learn relevant skills and know the scope of orthodontic treatment as general practitioners - what should be done should not be let go, what can not be done can not be done reluctantly, should be recommended to specialist orthodontists.

It should be emphasized that the general practitioner must have the idea that whether the orthodontic treatment is complex or not, its goal is one - balance, stability and beauty. The goal and standard of orthodontic treatment by general practitioners should not be reduced. Even simple orthodontic treatment should be done well.


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