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Cold Knowledge: Another Unknown Aspect of Oral Care Supplies

A coin has both positive and negative sides. It is no more common that all things in the world have two sides and many sides. In life, everybody will more or less come into contact with dental products, and whether they have many 'faces' that you have never known? Now let's unveil the 'cold knowledge' of these common oral products!

Toothpicks: toothpicks can clean and hurt teeth

Toothpick is a necessary small oral cleaning assistant for families after meals, but improper use of toothpick is not uncommon. There are also some hidden dangers and misunderstandings in the use of toothpick.

On the one hand, many people continue to use toothpicks after meals as a habit, but in the absence of stuffing, picking teeth indiscriminately may cause gingivitis, gingival atrophy, enlargement of dental space, and then lead to periodontal disease. On the other hand, remember not to force the toothpick into the interdental papillary area, because this will increase the gap between the teeth without space, resulting in periodontal disease.

Toothbrush: Toothbrushes are easily contaminated by bacteria when they keep toilets for a long time!

Toothbrush is an indispensable oral cleaning product for everybody, but when your toothbrush itself is not clean, is it to send the disease into the body? One thing that can not be ignored in life is that we have to clean the toothbrush after brushing our teeth. After cleaning is not finished, cleaning toothbrush placed in the toilet is easy to be contaminated by bacteria splashed by toilet flushing water, wet toilet is not conducive to the toothbrush become dry.

Toothpaste: whitening effect of toothpaste remains to be discussed

Toothpaste does help to clean the mouth. The pursuit of tooth whitening has led to the emergence of many toothpastes that highlight the 'whitening teeth' effect. In fact, the color of the teeth themselves is not pure white.

The 'whitening toothpaste' on the market is often added with friction agent or peroxide, which only has a certain effect on mild tooth discoloration. However, the deep staining of tetracycline teeth and dental fluorosis had no effect. If you want to whiten your teeth, you can't rely on a 'whitening' toothpaste, improve your eating habits, and do a good job in cleaning your teeth is the right choice.

Dental floss: Reuse floss? No way!

For those who are in a position to do so, flossing after meals can effectively improve periodontal health. Looking at floss as if it could be washed and reused? Get the water out of your head! Wanting to reuse floss is a 'green' black disaster.

Dental floss is mostly disposable and can not be reused! The dirt on the used floss can not be cleaned by bacteria in common way (water flushing, etc.). Reuse of floss is harmful but not beneficial.

Mouthwash: Choose the type of mouthwash carefully

Non-pharmaceutical mouthwash on the market is mainly used to eliminate halitosis, which is generally suitable for the general population. Medical mouthwash is mainly used to treat oral inflammation such as gingivitis, periodontitis, oral ulcer, etc. It should be used according to doctor's advice. Especially those who are prone to tooth decay or suffer from serious tooth decay, wear orthodontics or have received radiotherapy, need to use fluoride mouthwash under the guidance of dentists to strengthen the protection of teeth and prevent tooth decay.

Chewing gum: Chewing gum regularly may cause disease

There are many hidden dangers in chewing gum. First, chewing gum with adequate sweeteners can easily induce dental caries. Second, inadvertent intake of chewing gum into the trachea can be life-threatening. Third, chewing gum for a long time, the masticatory muscles are always in a tense state, which may lead to the development of the masseter muscles and affect the face. Fourthly, chewing gum for a long time can secrete a large amount of gastric acid reflexively. In an empty stomach, not only nausea, loss of appetite, acid reflux and other symptoms will occur, but also gastric ulcer and gastritis may occur in the long run.

Everyone in life will be exposed to these dental care supplies, but have an unknown side? In fact, it is not their low-key, we have not paid attention to the details of these oral care supplies! Care for oral health, from a comprehensive understanding of these oral products!


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