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Private Dental Clinic: Community General Dental Clinic is the Development Direction

In recent years, with the rapid development of private dental business, there are various modes, such as public restructuring, chain operation, individual management, and the acceptance of venture capital. Which mode is the development direction of private dental business in China? In response, Xu Weining, member of the Private Dental Branch of the Chinese Society of Stomatology, said that there are many models for the development of private dentistry in China, which are still in the exploratory stage, but we can learn from the development of the mature system of dental practice in Europe and the United States.

The value of doctors should be respected and the personalized development of clinics should be emphasized. A patient's visit to a dentist is to visit a specific, real doctor, not a brand. Personalized clinics should be long-lasting. Dental medicine is characterized by personality and specialty. Artificial brand will be a flash in the pan. Dental care should be doctor-oriented, because the cultivation of a good doctor requires years of precipitation.

Secondly, clinics should be community-based, each community should be equipped with dental clinics, service objects should be mainly community residents, patient-oriented. Because dentists provide a long-term service.

Third: Clinics should be based on general practice and preventive services.

Fourth, clinics should combine general practice with specialty in order to achieve balanced development.

Nowadays, there are many misunderstandings and disadvantages in Chinese private oral cavity.

First, ignoring the recognition of the value of doctors, excessive publicity of the so-called 'false, big, empty' brand. Opening newspapers or websites and fooling people with advertisements can be described as overwhelming. The fundamental reason is that there are problems in government-oriented and industry-oriented, inadequate supervision or lack of supervision system.

Secondly, dental clinics lack community character. The healthy development of private stomatology must be community-based. We encourage private stomatologists to set up their own service points in different communities. If Doctor A lives in Area A, why not set up dental clinics in Area A to provide personalized services for residents in Area A? Patients will also take Doctor A as their own dentist. It is very convenient to see a doctor. When Minister Chen Zhu talked about health care reform, he also mentioned that medical care should be brought into the community.

Third, the distribution of medical personnel resources is unreasonable and can not be shared. Private dentistry in China is mainly concentrated in large and medium-sized cities, and the development of private dentistry in small cities is very limited. There are market contradictions between private medical institutions and public medical institutions. Although in big cities, the number of chairs and doctors in private dental clinics is comparable to that in public hospitals. However, as far as the current situation is concerned, too many human resources are still in public hospitals, and the market share of private medical institutions can not even reach 5%, which leads to the shortage and shortage of medical human resources in private oral cavity. An excellent doctor needs long-term training. He is not only the resource of public medical institutions, but also the resource of private medical institutions.

Most basic dental treatment should be encouraged to be completed in community dental clinics. Private dental practitioners do not necessarily require master-level dentists. Middle-level doctors, even attending doctors, can practise in the community. If basic dental services can be completed at the grass-roots level, it can greatly reduce the burden of third-class hospitals.

Third-A hospitals should provide high-level, specialized treatment, while allowing experts from public hospitals to practise more, they can enter private dental institutions, guide and support the development of private enterprises, and truly facilitate patients. Therefore, the government should encourage private dental care to carry out community health care, and really give the corresponding policies to provide medical insurance, medical resources and tax support. Otherwise, the number of patients in private clinics will be insufficient, medical imbalance, disorderly competition and other issues, forcing doctors or some enterprises to take risks. In the chaotic state of lack of management, who can fool, who can get barrels of gold. Medical care is no longer standing on the level of serving the people, but more become a tool for making money, which is very dangerous.

Fourthly, the general practice of oral medicine has not been paid attention to. Most dentists face common diseases, not difficult ones. This requires the training of general practitioners of Stomatology to meet the basic treatment of stomatology. Some people mistakenly believe that basic dental treatment is not profitable, we must learn orthodontics, planting. In the long run, the result is the unbalanced development of the industry. In a few years, a series of problems will surely arise.

Fifthly, the organic combination of general oral medicine and specialty is not perfect. General dentists and specialist dentists must be clear. Not everyone can become a specialist. Specialists should be determined after studying general practice and grow up through systematic and long-term training such as postgraduate training and further study abroad. This is a true specialist, and we should respect it. A specialist's clinic should be a specialist. We need to establish a sound referral mechanism. When a general practitioner of Stomatology finds that a patient's illness is beyond the scope of his own treatment, he must not deal with it by himself. This is very dangerous and should be referred to the corresponding specialist, thus promoting the healthy and balanced development of the specialty. Every doctor dedicates his good treatment to his patients. The formation of this model is still inseparable from the guidance of the government and industry.

The Chinese Society of Stomatology and the Society of Stomatology everywhere need to instill this model scientifically into doctors and the public so that doctors and patients can understand what a good general practitioner is.


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